Working remotely with a graphic design agency

An important publication has become your responsibility to shepherd through to print stage and the graphic design agencies in your area are just not up to speed. How difficult is it to work with an agency that is not in the same city as your office? 

Unlike romantic relationships, which wilt and whither over long distances with time, with the advancement of technology, there really is no need to be close to your graphic design agency; you are as close as your PC or cell phone.  

You can communicate your smiles, frustrations and understanding through telephones at the office and cell phones on the go. You can type countless emails, through which you can receive complicated proofs for approval or send corrections (and keep a record of your reporting, conversations and decisions). For sending and receiving larger files, you can use online platforms such as DropBox and WeTransfer. You can also make use of Skype for face-to-face communication where a phone call or email is just not enough.  

If you require physical proofs to quality check before providing your approval for print, couriered proofs work pretty well if you are prepared to wait a day or so.

You could insist on a proper face-to-face meeting for that big account or for that first meeting of the directors/account executive in order to establish trust and forge a relationship. It is not uncommon for an agency representative to hop in a car or a plane to make that human connection. All the rest from that point on, though, can be done electronically.

If you are seriously considering using international agencies, it would be advisable to meet with their local representative first, before willingly taking on the added stress of currency conversion, misundertood instructions or lost publications in transit.

All in all, working remotely with a graphic design agency, thanks to technology, is a piece of cake. Don’t mellow with the mediocre because they are on your doorstep. Venture further afield and you’ll be surprised at how far your trust can stretch.

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By Gaylene Jablonkay, Managing Editor

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